Aad van Moorsel

Aad van Moorsel is a Professor in Computer Science at Newcastle University. He has led various interdisciplinary research projects that follow co-creation approaches such as in FinTrust. He also has significant industry experience from his time as researcher and manager in industrial research labs (Bell Labs Research and Hewlett Packard Laboratories). Directly relevant to FinTrust is his research on trust, human factors in security, and machine learning. This research underlies several of the research ideas in FinTrust, including understanding and assessing trust and bias in automation through algorithms. Aad has co-authored over 200 peer-reviewed publications in the field and owns four US patents. He co-founded CloudIdentity Ltd in 2011, which since has been successfully sold. He has worked with various partners in the financial industry, including EMVCo, Visa, MasterCard, Barclays and Atom.